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What are you offering?
Here’s the low down: If you advertise on this site by buying pixels, we will in return:
        1. display your ad on this web site for a minimum of five years
        2. list your company’s name in the credits at the end of the film, One Half Gone
        3. donate 25% of your contribution to a scholarship for future filmmakers
This is an opportunity to not only get your name/product out there in a multitude of ways, but you are also helping to usher in the next generation of creative folks who are trying to learn their craft.
After you have paid for your pixels, send us your ad in the proper size, along with the link to your website. You can even send us a preference as to where you’d like the ad to be placed in the pool, although we reserve the right to decide final placement. We also maintain the right to reject any ads we deem to be inappropriate.
Who are you?
We are Peebo Productions, Inc. - an independent production company that is in the midst of completing it’s first feature film, One Half Gone. We are a low budget enterprise that is trying to take advantage of the power of the internet to raise enough capital to finish the film. Because of our budget, we are extremely aware of the difficulty in trying to exist in such an expensive business; filmmaking. With that, we feel that it’s only right to try to help provide some means for the next “up and comers”. Plus, a little karma can’t hurt, right?
How many pixels must I buy?
Each pixel is 5¢, and the minimum purchase is $50.00. That will buy you 1000 pixels. So for only $100.00, you can have an ad this size:

For a minimal investment, you can have a clearly recognizable link to your site. (Some companies that have offered this type of advertising have reported considerable increases in sales but charge as much as $1.00 per pixel) We are a great way to get your message across for very little cost.

Where will the money for the scholarship go to?

We shall donate the scholarship proceeds to the University of Michigan's undergraduate

Where will the money for the film go?
As far as the film, One Half Gone, is concerned - we are in the midst of post production. We are in the process of finishing the final audio mix, and from there we will move to have a new transfer of the film made.  In semi-technical jargon; the film was shot on 35mm and then a simple, down-and-dirty transfer (a workprint) of the footage was sent to video tape. The video footage was edited and now we must go back to the 35mm negative and get a new, high quality transfer of just the edited footage onto video.  The final high quality footage will be put together to match the workprint and married with the mixed audio.  The end result is the movie completed to video tape - ready for distribution.  We anticipate a direct to video release (no theatrical) with the film, but you never know!
Why don’t you just get real investors?
We have. One of the most common things to happen in independent low budget filmmaking is that enough money is raised just to shoot the film. By the time post production rolls around, the bank account has been completely raided. The producer of One Half Gone was able to raise enough money to shoot the film using himself and his family as investors, along with a hefty collection of credit cards. To put it simply, the investor well has run dry and therefore, we are looking for new means to raise capital.  Actually, your advertisement can potentially have a greater return on the dollar than a regular investment would. First, as soon as your ad goes up, you have the ability to bring in revenue whereas an investor must wait for the film to sell before any return is generated. Second, your company’s name will be seen in the credits of the film itself - another way to gain exposure. So this is a new avenue we are trying and based on the success of other similar websites, we think this could work nicely for everyone involved.
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