Mary Petryshyn has been a successful producer on numerous feature films. Most recently, she was the co-producer/line-producer on the academy award nominated Standing in the Shadows of Motown. 

Petryshyn has been quite busy the past few years. She has been nonstop in her filmmaking endeavors by producing the feature film Timequest, and acting as the production manager on The Galindez File, and the PBS production China. She was the 2nd Unit Coordinator on the Warner Bros. film Exit Wounds and was Production Supervisor for the Detroit scenes in Detroit Rock City. 

Rolfe Bergsman’s dream is to be a Renaissance Man, so he involves himself in as many aspects of a project as possible. In this case, he worked with Alan from the start of the production process to bring the film to life. His background includes producing stage work, videos, and scenery, concentrating in Production Design for many years. He has had the pleasure to work as Production Designer on an academy award nominated film Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Art director on a Grammy winning video Lose Yourself by Eminem, and Art Director on the Emmy nominated production design team for 61*.

Lon Stratton - director of photography

    Lon Stratton’s work on One Half Gone is yet another example of why he is Michigan’s finest cinematographer. His resume is filled with a vast array of accomplishments. Experience aside, his skill was truly put to the test on One Half Gone: work with an ultra low budget while maintaining the aesthetic quality of a much more expensive production. By all measures, Lon not only met the challenge, but surpassed it. There is a subtle beauty to One Half Gone - a look and feel that sets the stage for the characters’ journeys.

One Half Gone - the crew

Alan Bernstein co-writer, co-producer, director

This may be the first feature film Alan Bernstein has directed but he is certainly no stranger to the world of filmmaking. The movie bug sank its teeth early into Alan when he was in elementary school and it has had a firm grip on him ever since. At the age of 6, he appeared in a few short horror films made by Sam Raimi’s gang and quickly learned that filmmaking was to be his future. Alan has been involved in nearly every facet of film production; from swing gang to cinematography, from production assistant to producer, all the while building up a database of knowledge and insight.




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One Half Gone - the music

The music of One Half Gone is as much a musical journey as Sam’s story is. It is an eclectic collection of genres that range from early gypsy in the Django Reinhardt tradition, to hot jazz/swing, to ‘50’s lounge, and ending in modern indie grooves. Tom Loncaric’s lively compositions along with Steve Taylor’s gentle orchestrations define the film’s soul.

Popular bands such as Royal Garden Trio, Pas/Cal, and Saturday Looks Good to Me are the triple exclamation points of a musical statement without which One Half Gone would be an incomplete thought.